Friday, February 4, 2011

Mind Matters

About Meditation!

For thousands of years, the wise of many of the world's cultures have offered that key: meditation. Deep within each and every person lies a field of pure, unlimited, creative potentiality—and through meditation this field may be directly experienced and lived. Indeed, this reservoir of pure energy and intelligence is none other than one's own inner awareness, the silent field state of pure Being from which all thought and feeling arises.

When the active mind effortlessly settles to rest in this unbounded, inner awareness of Being, it becomes balanced, empowered, filled with peace, anchored in its own essential nature. Finally, one comes Home, to discover one's true Self.

All in all, meditation is much more than stress management; it unfolds the individual's full potential. It makes life better. It has been said that the human mind is the greatest natural resource we have. Shouldn't we intelligently develop that resource? To live life to the fullest, and for the sake of the world, nothing could be more important.

Well too much of explaination is given but i am sure it will not give you the experience!

And What do THEY say About MEDITATION?

Jai Guru Deva!

YES!+ Chennai Team

"That which you cannot avoid or confront is Truth,That which cannot be hidden or fully expressed is Love,That which cannot be renounced or possessed is beauty". Sri Sri Ravishankar

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